Questions For Kundera Identity #4 [pg. 123-168]

1. How does Chantal imagine Mother Theresa?



2. What sensation does Jean-Marc have as he leaves Chantal's apartment?



3. Why, after some time to think, does Chantal discount the idea that she is leaving her apartment to take back her independence?



4. What conclusion does Chantal reach about conformism as she is being swept along by her colleaugues through the train station?



5. How does Jean-Marc regard the train before it goes through the chunnel (channel tunnel)?



6. What is Leroy's conclusion about the world which puts him at odds with Marx?



7. Why does Chantal agree with Leroy that love ought not to exist?



8. Who does Chantal see as she is sitting naked in the salon waiting for the septugenarian in the other room?



9. What does Chantal think has happened to her as the old man interrogates her and calls her by the name of Anne?



10. What does Jean-Marc do to "rescue" Chantal from the threatening scene where she is naked?