Questions For Kundera Identity #3 [pg. 83-122]

1. What happened to Jean-Marc to make him give up at the moment he decided to quit medical school?



2. Why does Jean-Marc appear to be sad when he is with Chantal during their dinner conversation?



3. Initially, what does Chantal think that Jean-Marc's motivation is for sending her the anonymous letters?



4. Why did Jean Marc think of himself as C.D.B. in the love letters?



5. Why is the graphologist reluctant to help Chantal identify the handwriting at first?



6. Why does Jean-Marc feel apathy about his life after he realizes he is jealous about Chantal's blushing for a presumed other man?



7. What effect does Chantal's sister-in-law have on Jean-Marc's outlook towards his and Chantal's relationship?



8. How does the ransacking of her bedroom by the children effect Chantal?



9. What does Chantal say that makes her sister-in-law leave?



10. What distinction does Jean-Marc draw between himself and Chantal after the sister-in-law has left?