Questions For Kundera Identity #2 [pg. 42-82]

1. How does Jean-Marc explain that one can have nostalgia for someone when he/she is right in front of you?



2. Why does Chantal, all of a sudden, feel happy about the death of her son?



3. What does Jean-Marc muse is necessary for maintaining the wholeness of the self?



4. How does Jean-Marc say the nature of enemies has changed since Dumas wrote The Three Musketeers?



5. What does Jean-Marc really think that the eyelid is doing when it blinks?



6. Why did Jean-Marc choose medicine as his profession?



7. Who does Chantal think is sending her the letters?



8. What connection does Chantal make in her mind after she reads the letter from her admirer about the "tree of life"?



9. What does Chantal see in the couple at the restaurant who are not speaking to each other?



10. Why does Jean-Marc think that there is much more boredom now than in the past?