Questions For Milan Kundera Identity #1 [pg. 1-42]

1. What does Jean-Marc consider the purpose of friendship to be?



2. What does Chantal think about when she sees the men along the shore with their babies?



3. What are the three types of boredom Jean-Marc recalls which are part of his theory?



4. What mistake does Jean-Marc make while strolling on the beach?



5. What reason(s) does Chantal give for why she looks different?



6. What does Chantal's boss think advertising has become?



7. How does Chantal resolve the dilemma she has about hiring people at the advertising agency?



8. Why was Chantal determined to leave behind her husband and his family?



9. Why does Jean-Marc believe that Chantal needs a "flood of alien, crude, lustful looks settling on her with no good will"?



10. Why had Chantal wanted to be a rose fragrance when she was 16?